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  • Garden Stage
    Thursday 6•July•2023

When the Bruges trio VENTILATEUR first came onto the scene in 2019, the trained ear immediately heard something that promised to be very interesting. The mix of jazz and post-rock was certainly not an unknown sound - think of Dance Dance but also Khruangbin - but the refinement that the young guys from Bruges already put into their music at that time was striking.. Last year came 'Hoofdplaat’, the début album that appeared on W.E.R.F. and that aroused great expectations. Focus Knack gave them four stars and spoke of "calm, twinkling moments; played with a hectic, tight game or whirlwind grooves, where the energy of surfrock comes into play”

Drummer Iben Stalpaert, bassist Jasper Hollevoet and guitarist Daan Soenens have also found each other in addition to a good musical balance, and as a trio they can experiment free of all conventions. That dynamic is palpable in their music and also splashes off the stage when they perform live. With a great deal of admiration for each other's skills and talent, they are able to drag every audience member into their musical story. Would you like a fun fact to top it off? The band actually wanted to record their début album in Costa Rica. When that proved to be impossible because of the pandemic, the VENTILATEUR members were well served when they moved the venue to a village in Zeeuws Vlaanderen. The name of that village? Hoofdplaat, which translates as Main Course!